-    Turn your humble abode into a full-on Dungeon that make the Heroes suck their thumb and wet their pants.

-    Craft an elaborate Dungeon, place traps and ruses for Heroes will different skill set and attributes. Some maybe be heavy and strong, some may be intelligent and fast.

-    Fight off bigger and smarter waves of Hero bands that come to take your loot.

-    Learn about the incoming Hero’s weaknesses as they are strong and may not be killed easily. Lure them into traps, some are claustrophobic, some are greedy, some have weak ankles.

-    Hire minions, monsters, and dragons as they have been tortured far too long and seek revenge.

-    Craft items, weapons, ammunitions, bombs to reload your traps and slay the Heroes.

-    Improve and upgrade traps, learn new technology because the enemy is learning too. 

-    Heightened heroes will come, who have learnt from their previous experiences and may know how to fight off your traps, so beware.

-    Explore a vast map, filled with people who live their lives and talk. Two different villages and numerous traders coming in from different kingdoms.

-    Improve your skills over time. Melee, Archery, Magic, Dark Magic are few skills to use directly against the enemy but also learn to Mine, Chop wood, Fish and Forage.

-    Find a mount for yourself, with multiple mount options pick one. Take care of it and it grows and levels as you do.

-    Loot from the slain Heroes, Gold, Epic and Rare weapons and armour. Use it against them or give it to your minions or sell off for more Gold.

See you in our games !

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